A trip in Rome with all the family: there are a lot of options for entertaining kids, including parks, piazzas and museums, and the fact that you might find live music around any corner! But best of all, are, of course, pizza and gelato!



Antiquities: Even if your little ones aren’t as awed by Rome’s majestic ruins as you are, there are enough architectural treasures in Rome that will leave an impression long after you’ve left the city behind.

  • The Colosseum is so huge and fascinating that can amuse every child, especially if dressed up with legends and stories of gladiators, lions, and sea-fights (naumachie).
  • La Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth) is a giant marble face you can found at the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin: the legend has it that if someone tells a lie and then slips their hand into the mouth, their hand will be bitten off!
  • La Fontana di Trevi: many cities in the world have a spot called “like-the-Trevi’s-fountain” for the tradition of tossing a coin into it. You should toss it with your right hand over your left shoulder (or left hand over your right shoulder), with your back to the fountain: you will return to Rome if you throw the coin into the fountain’s water basin… You’re not allowed to look behind you while you’re tossing the coin, but the fountain is so large it’s basically impossible to miss :)

Piazzas: Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Saint Peter’s Square, for instance. Piazzas are wide, car-free, and flanked by restaurants and cafés. Each square have their own charms, many have wonderful fountains, with enchanting endlessly running water, and any of them makes a wonderful place for your child to burn off some excess energy.

Parks: Villa Borghese’s Park is the second largest park in Rome, and easily accessible from the city center. Filled with statues and fountains, you can rent a multi-person bicycle and explore the park. Here you can enjoy merry-go-rounds, a mini train, a zoo, a puppet theatre, and a small lake with swans and boats.

Museums for children: Explora – il Museo dei Bambini di Roma: is an interactive children museum, near Piazza del Popolo, with a ground floor built to child scale. Explora lets kids play “grown up” in a variety of different settings, like a child-sized post office, a grocery store, a bank, and a TV studio. The recently renovated museum also hosts a variety of ever-changing educational events on the first floor. Technotown: teaches science while playing games. Great for older kids, features a variety of interactive technology and science-based adventures, like a time machine that takes visitors back to Ancient Rome.

Pizzain Rome you can easily buy slices of many flavors of pizza, in take-away pizzerie al taglio. Forno Campo de’ Fiori (at the edge of the big grocery market) is known as one of the best take-away pizza places in the city, with a large selection of pastry and pizzas. There you can also watch through huge glass windows into the kitchen as pizza dough is rolled, toppings are added, and pizzas are continuously transported into and out of the huge ovens.

Gelato: try italian ice cream, acknowledged by many experts to be the best ice cream in the world! You can buy gelato in some bars and in special ice cream shops (gelaterie): look for signs proclaiming “produzione propria” (our own production), or “artiginale” (artisan), and you’ll find some great homemade ice-cream, made with fresh fruit and natural ingredients. The San Crispino gelateria, near the Trevi’s Fountain, and the Giolitti gelateria, in via Uffici del Vicario, are touted to have the best gelato in Rome.

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