On June 29th the Church celebrates the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. Together, the two saints are the founders of the See of Rome, and patron Saints of the Eternal City.
In Rome it is a public holiday: shops, schools, banks and public offices will be closed.

On the day dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, we will admire Saint Peter’s Basilica beautifully decorated and illuminated. For the occasion Pope Francis will hold a special Mass in the papal chapel, that will be followed by the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square, like on Sundays. The Pope will appear from the window of his apartment, he will give a short speech, followed by the Angelus and ending with a blessing.

Vatican Museums will be closed for the religious solemnity.
The Colosseum, the Capitoline Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum, the Trajan Markets, and the Civic Museums will be regularly open.

Events in Rome:

Historic Infiorata

A Infiorata Repubblica 1On the occasion of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of Rome, Via della Conciliazione and Piazza Pio XII, the streets that lead to Saint Peter’s Square, will be colored with floral paintings made by a thousand masters infioritori. The event brings together delegations from all over the world – Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany – and 1500 artists. 500 thousand flowers will be used to decorate more than 3,000 square meters of floral works. The event is intended to celebrate the ancient tradition of floral decorations actually born in Rome in the first half of the seventeenth century.
The Infiorata will start on June 29th, from dawn (masters infioritori will work through the night of June 28th).

The Regatta on the Tiber river

At 6.00 pm will be held the first edition of “The cup of the Girandola”, the rowing regatta established by Royal Rowing Club Tevere Remo with the support of the Lazio Regional Committee of the FIC and the participation of the Working Roman historians. During the race there will be a suggestive parade of historical boats of the various companies that will be positioned upstream of Castel Sant’Angelo, and then will return to their moorings illuminated by the lights of the torches of the crews.

The “Girandola”

A Girandola RepubblicaLater in the evening the annual Girandola (Pinwheel) fireworks display will light up the sky at Pincio, over the Piazza del Popolo, beginnig at 9:30 pm. This year will be the first time that the historic spectacle, introduced in 1481, and originally designed by Michelangelo, moves from its traditional location at Castel S. Angelo to a new location.
The “Pinwheel” was and is the climax of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the grand finale of the day.

Photo source: roma.repubblica.it; featured image “Santi Pietro e Paolo” by Carlo Crivelli, photo by Sailko

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