“Lungo il Tevere Roma”, Along the Tiber Rome, is the annual Roman event that brings culture and entertainment at the foot of the Capitoline river during the Roman Summer.

This year at its 14th appointment, from June 10th to September, lights, music and art will brighten Summer 2016 in the heart of the eternal city, accompanying thousands of people, Romans and tourists, from Ponte Garibaldi to Ponte Sublicio.

lungoiltevereromaDuring the next weeks the initiative will come to life with a full program of cultural events, entertainment, music, theatre, tastings, solidarity events and even spiritual events.

Here you can find the calendar of the events.

Entrance to the exhibition and to all its cultural events is free.

Every day from 7:00 pm.
Also on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: lungoiltevereroma.it; Lungo il tevere Roma on Facebook.

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