Like every year, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism (MiBACT) adheres to the European Heritage Days (EHD), promoted to strengthen and increase dialogue and exchange in cultures among the European nations. It is an important occasion to reaffirm the central role of culture in the dynamics of the Italian society.

The European Heritage Days will take place:

Saturday, September 24th: with normal opening hours and costs during the day, and with a special evening opening of three hours at the symbolic price of 1 euro.
Sunday, September 25th: with normal opening hours and costs.

Many places of culture, not run by the State, like museums, municipalities, galleries, foundations and private associations, will also join the event, building a cultural offer extremely varied, with a calendar of nearly a thousand events organized in many regions.

See here the appointment list of EHD2015 in Italy on MiBACT website.

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